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The OTY Toddler Pinafore - The Basic Dress

Updated: May 14, 2021

The OTY Pinafore Dress

We'd like to introduce you to our first FREE Sewing Pattern...the OTY Fabrics Toddler Pinafore! This simple to sew Pinafore Dress is drafted for sizes 9 months to 2-3 years. (updated to add sizes Newborn to 6 months) The sizing is quite forgiving owing to the drop waist and ease within the bodice. This simple to sew dress uses the 95/5 Cotton Spandex available in solids and prints from OTY Fabrics. I have used Cinnamon in 198gsm CL that was available in retail solids for my example. I have also used the KAM 20 snaps and the iron on vinyl sizing and care labels available in the notions.

This tutorial will be an ongoing series as I have quite a few different versions planned for this simple Toddler dress over the coming months. I made this one simple to start us off, but you can easily add one of the OTY HTV vinyls to the front of your dress bodice or have different fabrics for the skirt and bodice. I think the Bodice will be a great Stash Buster. So play around and have fun! To make this dress easier I have chosen not to use clear elastic for attaching the skirt to the bodice. Instead I've used the tried and true gathered method I always use LOL. So without further ado lets get onto the first part of this tutorial Series....

What you'll need...

  • The Bodice Pattern (Click on this LINK to download the PDF)

  • Approx. 50cm x 150cm wide piece of 95/5 Cotton Spandex from OTY Fabric with 4-way stretch (at least 20% across the WOF)

  • Iron On Interfacing Scraps for reinforcing the straps

  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter

  • Thread

  • Pins or Pattern Weights

  • Pins or Wonder Clips

  • Overlocker and a Plain Sewing Machine (using small zig zag stitch or twin needle you can sew this dress without an overlocker)

  • at least 2 sets of size 20 KAM Snaps (You can add more if you want)

  • Iron

Print the Pinafore Bodice...

Printout the Bodice Pattern making sure you use Actual Size with Adobe Acrobat and not 'fit'

when printing. The Pattern is made for A4 pages not US Letter. So make sure you choose correct page type as well. There is a 2cm square on each page for testing it has printed

correctly. If you are doing sizes 18 month or 2 years you will need to attach the strap top to the Bodice Back piece before tracing or cutting your pattern out.

The pattern is fairly forgiving BUT DOES NOT INCLUDE SEAM ALLOWANCES.

After printing out choose your size (either cut pattern or trace off the size you want) and remember to add Seam Allowances to all edges as this is a lined Bodice. Its up to you how large a seam allowance you want to add I usually do around 1cm ones as I cut with my overlocker when sewing.

Cutting the Dress Out...

Lay your Bodice Pieces on the fold making sure the grain runs up and down not across, stretch should run across your pieces. You will need 2 pieces of the Bodice Front and 2 pieces cut of the Bodice Back. DON'T FORGET THOSE SEAM ALLOWANCES!

Add seam allowances when cutting

I'd advise cutting the Bodice out on one end and leave the rest of your fabric piece for the Skirt. Here is the Cutting Guide for the Skirts (You will need to mark this out on your fabric when cutting as there is no paper pattern piece) - seam allowances are already added to these Pieces.

Cutting Skirt for Size NB-6 months =>

⦁ 2 pieces (Width x Length) = 18 x 8" - 46cm x 20cm

Cutting Skirt for Size 6-9 months =>

⦁ 2 pieces (Width x Length) = 19.5 x 9" - 49.5cm x 22cm

Cutting Skirt for Size 9-12 months =>