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Sewing Tutorial - Christmas Vest - Step 2

If you've been following this free tutorial on how to make a cool Faux Knit Christmas Vest using For Fabrics Sake's latest Christmas Knit Fabric then you'll no doubt want to know how to cut it out and sew up the vest after tracing and creating your Vest pattern from a Tshirt in Step 1.

If you haven't done that step yet head on over to Step 1 first before proceeding with this step.

Now onto Step 2 - cutting out your Vest.

Step 2 - Cutting Out the Vest

Now you've created your pattern its time to lay out your fabric and position your pattern piece for cutting out.

Grab your Faux Knit Christmas fabric and fold it in half checking the grain is running the right way (up and down) run your hand down the fabric to test its nap is running the right way too (it shouldn't resist your hand if it does make sure the pattern runs with the top of the pattern is in the direction of the resistance and the bottom is towards the non-resistant side. Place the pattern piece against the fold. Fold the back flap piece you created in step 1 out of the way and either pin or use pattern weights to make sure its not in the way while you cut the front piece out. If you added the waistband line in Step 1 make sure that is also folded up out of the way too.

Cut out your front piece of the vest.

Depending on how much of the Faux Knit you have you can either fold again and cut the back out of the Faux Knit or grab a coordinate knit (like I have) to cut your back out. Again fold your fabric and check the nap and grain. Lay your pattern piece against the fold. This time leave the back flap in the correct position and cut it out on the fold. Again if you are opting for the waistband version fold the bottom against the line as shown in the picture below.

Now you should have your back and your front pieces.

You will need some Coordinating Ribbing or Cotton Elastane to use as bands. I use the measure and cut method to create bands. So I lay the ribbing out and mark using my ruler a long strip along the rib (so lines running up and down) and cut approximately a 3-4cm wide strip along the WOF (Width of Fabric).

Sewing up your Vest and Cutting the Neckband

Now you have cut out the Vest and a long strip its time to start putting your Vest together. You can do this with an overlocker or standard sewing machine using a short zig-zag stitch its up to you. I have used both in this tutorial. I personally prefer the overlocker as my old Elna isn't so great on knits anymore. You also use either pins or Wonder Clips depending on your preference.

  • Clip or pin the shoulders together right side to right side front to back.

  • Stitch the shoulder seams

  • Fold the vest at the necklines, laying the neckline flat and measure the length of one side of the top from the centre back fold to the V neck edge write this measurement down. Multiply that number by 2. (e.g. 30x2 = 60cm). Mutiply the result by 0.85 (60cm x 0.85 = 51cm) this will be the length of your neckband. Trim your previously cut ribbing strip (the 4cm wide by WOF piece) to that length plus about 1cm at each end. (So make the neckband about 53cm long)

I didn't sew my shoulders together in my picture but I do recommend doing that first as its more accurate.

Fold and iron your ribbing piece lengthways then lay it under your folded front near the V-Neck Fold. Make a mark then trim the ribbing along that mark.