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Make a FREE Wetbag Tutorial

Its summer here in New Zealand and of course I make Swim Nappies, Pull-ups and swim wear over here at Picklefish Products NZ. I decided I need an easy add-on product to provide my customers with something useful. So I looked everywhere for a basic wetbag tutorial and found plenty but nothing quite like I wanted so of course I designed my own. Quick, easy and just the right size for tucking in wet swim gear and of course one of our Picklefish Swim Nappies. These bags are also handy for a trip out, pop in a nappy, bib, cloth and you just might be able to squeeze in a change of clothes. I think at least a tshirt or shorts depending on your kids size would easily fit into these medium sized Wetbags. As it was nice and easy and I am sure others would love to make these themselves I decided to document how I made one and of course blog a tutorial for all our OTY Fabrics NZ Fans out there. Cassie over at OTY has lots of gorgeous prints that look just as good in swim fabric as it does in PUL. So without much more chatter lets head on to the tutorial. You should have one made within half an hour easy.

What you'll need:

  • PUL (Mine is from OTY Fabrics NZ) - you'll need about a FQ to make these bags but less than a FH.

  • A 20cm dress zip (Closed end)

  • Thread, Scissors, and Wonder Clips (I don't recommend pins on PUL)

  • A standard sewing machine with a Universal 90/14 or Ball Point Needle inside

  • 2 x KAM Snaps (1 x Socket and Cap, 1 x Stud and Cap)

  • (Optional) paper and pen, to create a template (I did this so I could cut multiple quickly without having to keep marking out where to cut)

How to Sew up your Wetbag:

Create a template for cutting by marking up a long rectangle 26cm wide by 39cm long. Also measure across one end approx 7cm and draw a line across the short end. This will make sense later why.

Weigh the template onto your folded PUL so that you cut two rectangles as shown

Grab one of the rectangles and folding your template to the 7cm line cut this strip off one of the pieces. You'll use this piece to create your hanging handle.